What’s The Best Steam Cleaner?

The best steam cleaner will be a unit that cleans and sanitizes by using super-heated steam and will give you results that you didn’t think possible when using traditional methods of cleaning.

Let’s face it – cleaning is a drag. We spend so much of our time scrubbing at dirt and grime around the home never seeming to get the results we were hoping for. Wouldn’t it be good if we could throw away the mop and bucket and yet still end up with a sparkling kitchen floor?

Or how about that oven? Or the hob? Years of cooking has seen thick grease build up inside and on the glass door. Instead of relying on elbow grease alone where you scrub long and hard and never get the results you deserve, why not find the best steam cleaner to break down that grease and make your life that little bit easier?

Your Guide To The Best Steam Cleaner

There are a wide range of steam cleaners available with each of them promising either a full house clean or expertise in a couple of particular articles. Sorting out which are the best steam cleaners and which are the ones to avoid isn’t an easy job but, below, you’ll find some of the better cleaners that are available.

Advantages of using steam cleaners

  • Steam is a by-product of super-heated water that provides a powerful cleaning force against the toughest of grime.
  • There are no harmful chemicals needed when steam cleaning and so you’re left with an easy, safe and cost effective way to clean your home.
  • There are no toxic residues left by steam cleaning and soft materials won’t stain as a result of being cleaned by steam.
  • Steam kills 99% of all known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria and salmonella.
  • The use of only water means that steam cleaning is environmentally friendly.
  • Unlike a vacuum cleaner or a traditional mop and bucket, steam cleaners are multi-tasking and can tackle jobs all around the home.

When Looking For The Best Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners generally promote themselves as cleaning tools for the whole home. Now while this is true when it comes to the very best steam cleaners, it’s not always the case when it comes to the rest. It takes a very special piece of kit to be equally good at all the jobs it purports to tackle.

Mostly, the steam cleaners will fall into two camps : those that promote themselves as a Home Cleaning Steamer such as the Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner, and those that don’t make any impossible promises and stick to what they are good at like the excellent Vax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master.

So before you make a purchase ask yourself what cleaning jobs around the home are you looking to use your steam cleaner for. If you don’t need a full home cleaner then you might be able to save yourself a bit of money by plumping for something that doesn’t have such ambition. Indeed, if you’re only looking for a good hard floor cleaner then your needs may be better served by one of the many specialist steam mops instead.

Likewise, if you’re not too bothered about your floors (or you don’t have enough hard floors in your home to warrant a steam cleaner or mop) yet feel you need something for the little and more detailed jobs such as oven cleaning or whitening the grouting within tiles, then you’ll be better off looking at the excellent hand held steam cleaners that are available instead.

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