H20 x5 Steam Mop

The H20 x5 Steam Mop is a multi-function steaming mop that will clean, sanitise and freshen your whole home. It’s a 5 in 1 steam mop from Thane in that can be used to clean your hard floors, your carpets, your windows and your garments. Finally, you can remove the cleaning head and the handle extension and use the x5 Steam Mop as a handheld cleaner.

Key Features

  • 400ml water tank, 4 settings – 30 minutes steaming
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Clever head designed to fit into corners
  • Cleans, deodorises and sanitises without chemicals
  • Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute
  • 5 in 1 – Floor Cleaner, Carpet Steamer, Window Cleaner, Garment Steamer and Handheld Steamer

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H20 x5 Steam Mop Review
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3.5 Star Rating

Ease Of Use

4 Star Rating


3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Value For Money

3 Star Rating


Power Output

1300 Watts

Boil Time

1 Minutes

Steam Time

30 Minutes

Tank Capacity

400 ml

Cord Length





Microfibre Pad
Absorbent Window Cleaning Cloth
Absorbent Dusting Cloth
Garment Cleaning Cloth
Extension Hose (85cm)
Round Nylon Brush

Round Metal Brush
Duster Tool
Window / Garment Tool
Carpet Glider
Limescale Cleaning Pin

The x5 Steam Mop Review

You’ve no doubt seen the hype and watched the adverts on TV about the H20 x5 Steam Mop but the question still remains : is it all it’s cracked up to be?

First of all, this is billed as a 5 in 1 steam cleaner hence the x5 in the product name with the mop designed to clean hard floors, carpets, windows and garments as well as being able to be used as a handheld steam cleaner.

When we tried out the x5 Steam Mop on hard floors we found that it was an excellent little mop on a par with many other, and sometimes more expensive, mops and cleaners. As usual, however, with no vacuum backup a water residue was left behind but not so much that a quick wipe with a dry cloth won’t fix. The cleaning head isn’t the largest and so you need to put a little more work in than what you might want to, but its shape allows easy access to corners and those hard to reach areas.

We got mixed results when we turned our attention to softer materials such as carpets and garments. If you plan to clean your carpets on a regular basis, say once a week, then the x5 Steam Mop does a fairly decent job at keeping them fresh. However, if you’re looking to do a deep clean or wanting to remove ingrained stains then it begins to struggle. We should be fair in our assessment and mention that the x5 Steam Cleaner isn’t a dedicated carpet cleaner and it’s in good company among steam cleaners when we say it struggles with carpet cleaning. The same can be said when the x5 is turned to garments and clothing : it’s great for keeping things fresh on a regular basis but don’t expect miracles.

When it comes to windows, the x5 Steam Mop does an ok job. There are certainly cleaners on the market that can do just as good a job – and sometimes better. You can expect a few streaks from time to time as the supplied attachments aren’t the greatest but on the whole the x5 will keep the windows clean.

For those detailed areas where you need a little more control such as in your oven or with bathroom tiles, converting the x5 Steam Cleaner into a handheld was very easy and given the light weight of the unit as a whole, it performs quite well in this role. However, it’s not as good a dedicated handheld steamer and for jobs that might take you a while to complete, a shoulder strap of some description should have been included. As light as the x5 steam mop is, something light can still wear you down after extended use certainly when using it above shoulder height.

Our Verdict On The H20 x5 Steam Mop

The x5 Steam Cleaner seems to suffer from the old Jack of All Trades disease : average at everything but no great standout role in which it excels.



  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Good cleaning of hard surfaces
  • Excellent ready to use time
  • Discount offers give good value
  • Power Cord too short
  • Feels a bit flimsy
  • Handheld use could so with a shoulder strap

Yes, it performs well on hard surfaces such as tiled, wood and even stone flooring, but not noticeably better than any other steam cleaner.

The ready to use time is excellent compared to other cleaners and mops on the market – simply fill the 400ml water tank and it will be ready for 30 minutes steaming in less than a minute which is way ahead of the field.

There are a couple of flaws that need mentioning. Firstly, the power cord length is not sufficiently long enough to cover a whole room and so if you have a large kitchen, for instance, you’ll have to do a couple of socket switches to ensure you can cover the whole floor.

Also, the unit and some of the attachments feel a bit flimsy and of low build quality. When it comes to attachments, this isn’t much of a surprise as we find most cleaners suffer with this ailment, but the unit itself shouldn’t.

Overall, the x5 steam mop can only be described as a bit average and that’s the best way we can sum it up. It will do a fair job of most household cleaning tasks but there isn’t one thing we can point at where it stands out from the crowd other than the ready to use time which is excellent. However, there are often discount offers on the h20 x5 Steam Cleaner over at Amazon and if you can get one for one of these prices then you can’t go far wrong.


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  1. Just bought this mop from b&q for £65. We have used a morphy richards mop in the past which was half the price. With the forst use i realised how rubbish this product is despite all the marketing hype and awards it has won. It steams up but just leaves lots of water everywhere when it should be evaporating! Its annowing as you have to follow up the mop with a dry manual mop or a tissue to soak up the water it leaves behind! Do not buy this mop!! I suspect the earlier built versions may have been good and performed well but the newer ones may have been built poorly to reduce production costs.

  2. Just had my 3rd h20x5 fail for no apparent reason. First one I bought was fine and lasted well. When it stopped working I bought another that lasted less than a year. Thought it was just bad luck so got another which was on offer at the time. Total waste of time. Just stopped working. This one is less than six months old. Won’t buy another.

  3. Very flimsy,my handle has snapped at the joint into the arm of the steamer,can no longer use as a floor steamer,only had it a year

  4. I bought this h2o steam mop it is rubbish hardly used it and when I got it out to use it this time water pores out from the seals and is over heating would not recommend this to anyone

  5. The h20 steam mop is excellent on hard floor surfaces. But can puddle quite a bit ,so you have to go over a few times to get a nice finished job.water tank doesn’t last that long, you’re forever filling up, but generally well pleased with my purchase and was at a good price.

  6. I bought my first X5 which stopped working after 4 uses, 3 weeks after purchase. It was promptly exchanged by Thane. Now my second one has ceased working comlpletely after 8 months and I have sent it back for exchange. Steam is good to begin with but becomes less effective very quickly after using despite regular descaling with very expensive descaling solutions from Thane!
    I would not recommend this steamer – there are far better, cheaper ones around.

  7. Brought my X5 at Xmas time, wasn’t that impressed but as it was a present I of course was greatful, it stopped working after 2 months so exchanged with no question. Now my 2nd one is playing up and as the first done I know its on its way out! Absolutely rubbish very flimsy handle and just not worthy of all its praise!!, Doesn’t even clean as well as the marketing say at all. Floors still very wet after use just like using a mop and bucket. Defiantly wouldn’t recommend this to anybody

  8. What a letdown! Nowhere near as good as the TV demos seem. The thermostat has already broken in ours so it just dribbles cold water all over the place. Done waste your money on this cheaply made ****!

  9. I personally don’t recommend this steam mop. Have purchased two and both have broken after approximately 10 cleans.

  10. I’ve had three h2o so far ,as the first one stopped working within the year ,they sent me another one which lasted a short time too . But when this last one went i phoned up to say that it had stopped steamimg ,they suggested descaling it ,which i did three times ,and three descaling later still not working .So i phoned to say that and they said that the heating element must have gone .They offered to send me just the main body for £39.00 as my garantee had expired . I’m reluctant to pay that as i don’t hold any hope of that one lasting that long either . Would not recommend this product as its very flimsy and keeps breaking down .

  11. I to bought theH20 just over a year ago it stoped working when I told the firm they said I could get a new one £70 discount
    Back to a mop and bucket wish works fine

  12. Used 4 times ,Purchased it off the T.v. £129.all the its and bobs came with it have,nt used it in a while,Went to use today all started as instructed but no stem comming from the thing cleaned the filter as recommended to no avail,have had it for over 12 months every thing new re attachmens and machine all in the box what a waste would not recommend after my experience.

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