Karcher SC1 020 Steam Cleaner

The Karcher SC1 020 Steam Cleaner delivers super heated steam at high pressure to clean deeper without harmful chemical residues. This is a versatile steam cleaner for all cleaning jobs throughout the home and with its ‘lamellae’ floor, the Karcher SC1 020 cleans up to 35% more effectively that a tradition floor tool.

Key Features

  • Quick Ready To Use Time
  • Steam Control For Different Surfaces
  • Compact & Lightweight – Saves Space During Storage
  • Childproof Safety Lock Prevents Accidental Steam Release
  • Hygenic Cleaning

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Karcher SC1 020 Steam Cleaner Review
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4 Star Rating

Ease Of Use

4.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Value For Money

4 Star Rating


Power Output

1500 Watts

Boil Time

8 Minutes

Steam Time

25 Minutes

Tank Capacity

1 Litre

Cord Length





Detail Nozzle
Hand Tool
Round Brush
Terry Cloth

Descaler Sticks
Terry Floor Cloth
Floor Tool

The Karcher SC1 020 Review

The Karcher SC1 020 is an entry level model and, as is the case with most steam cleaners, it’s a piece of equipment aimed at giving your home the full once over and leaving nothing to spare.

Using the device couldn’t be easier as it’s ready for work once you’ve unpacked it from the box. Simply fill the 1 litre water tank from the tap, switch on the unit and wait for the water to boil. How long you have to wait is pretty impressive – a mere 8 minutes which, compared to many other cleaners in this price range, is pretty quick. This is probably accounted for by the as-said, 1 litre water tank which is a little small, but you’ll still get a good 25 minutes worth of steaming from it.

Included in the box are a number of attachments which you can fix to your Karcher SC1 020 for a whole variety of jobs within the home. There aren’t any really suprises here – pretty much what you’ll find with any other steam cleaner. It must be said though that some of the attachments – such as the nozzle tool you’d use for ovens and hobs – leave a little to be desired when they are put to use, but on the whole, you’ll find a good selection and quality.

The cleaning of hard floors is where the SC1 020 stands out. The unit is very lightweight and manoeuverable and you’ll find yourself whizzing across the kitchen floor and finishing with steam left in the tank. It’s actually, dare it be said, an enjoyable experience. You have to be careful with your use of the steam, however, hold the steam down for too long and you’ll leave behind quite a few puddles. Alternatively, the Karcher SC1 020 comes with Steam Control which you can use to lower the steam output which pretty much solves this issue.

When it comes to other cleaning tasks around the home, the Karcher SC1 020 is slightly above average in it’s abilities. However, it does seem to struggle when you need to use the nozzle attachment as mentioned above. It’s not a disaster but unless you stumble onto some secret method, you might not get the results you hoped for.

Our Verdict On The Karcher SC1 020 Steam Cleaner

The Karcher SC1 020 is one of the better steam cleaners we’ve reviewed to date – it’s a shame one or two of the attachments let it down.



  • Great at cleaning hard floors
  • Very easy to use
  • Nice and lightweight
  • Some great attachments that work well
  • Small water tank
  • Some attachments don’t work well
  • Not great on ovens and hobs

An easy to use, lightweight and decent steam cleaner all round. You’ll get some good results on hard surfaces and satisfactory results on softer surfaces such as carpets and upholstery.

But as already mentioned a couple of times and without wanting to labour the point, one or two of the attachments let it down. In addition, the cloths used on the unit when cleaning floors tend to get soaked and dirty pretty quickly and need changing. Whether you can point the finger at the Karcher SC1 020 for that or the state of our floors is open to debate – but what isn’t, is the lack of cloths supplied – there needs to be more for this reason. You can work around this by attaching your own cloths / dusters quite easily, but you shouldn’t be put in that position.

Overall, the Karcher SC1 020 is a good steam cleaner and certainly so when you see the discount offers available from Amazon that you can can usually find. If you can get one for these prices, then you won’t be disappointed with this little yellow peril.

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