Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 Steam Mop – S3901

The Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 Steam Mop not only cleans floors sparkling clean but at the press of a buttons, converts into a detachable handhand steam cleaner that tackles the smaller cleanign jobs to be found around your home. Including inelligent steam control ensures that a continuous stream of steam is maintained after the press of a single button.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Steam Control
  • Detachable Handheld Steamer
  • Dust, Mop and Scrub Steam Settings
  • 9 Handheld Attachements For Any Cleaning Job
  • Double Sided Steam Pockets To Clean Twice The Floor Area

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Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 Steam Mop S3901 Review
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4 Star Rating

Ease Of Use

4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Value For Money

3 Star Rating


Power Output

1550 Watts

Boil Time

1 Minutes

Steam Time

15 Minutes

Tank Capacity

300 ml

Cord Length





Standard Head
Filler Jug
All-Purpose Standard Pockets x 2
Extension Hose
Concentrator Nozzle
Flat Scrubber Head

Flat Scrubber Microfibre Bonnet
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Detail Scrubbing Brush
Squeegee Tool
Carpet Glider

The Shark s3901 Review

The Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 Steam Mop is another entry into the field of multi-use steamers that seem to be all the rage these days. Lately we’ve had both the H20 x5 Steam Cleaner by Thane and the Vax S7 Total Home Master – with each mop looking to worm it’s way into your affections with big promises about all the cleaning jobs they can tackle.

So how does the Shark S3901 match up? Well, as is usually the case with all these steamers and mops, assembly and set up is a breeze. Although the instruction manual is good it’s easy enough to rely on intuition alone – certainly if you’ve used a steam mop / cleaner before.

Once again ready for use time is also excellent – it’s becoming the norm now for steam mops to be raring to go within a minute of flicking the power switch and the Shark S3901 is no exception by clocking in at around 30 seconds.

As a mop, performance of the Shark Lift Away is very good. It glides across hard surfaces in such an easy and effortless manner you’ll quickly realise that you’ll never go back to the traditional mop and bucket again. No matter the floor type – tiled, wood or laminette, the Shark does it’s business and cuts through the grease and grime that’s built up in next to no time. You might have to go over and give a bit of extra steam to ground in stains but nothing compared to the elbow grease needed if your were doing by hand.

However, as is the case with most of these multi-function mops and cleaners, once converted to a handheld things don’t seem to match the performance of the mop. Don’t read that wrong – the Shark S3901 as a handheld is very good with a wide variety of accessories that attach easily enough. But we always view these mops as, well, mops first and foremost and when they stick to doing what mops do, they are brilliant.

Saying that, some of the results when using the handheld are pretty good – certainly windows when using the supplied squeegee and on kitchen and bathroom tiles. On the whole, however, the handheld could do with a little more steam power output and sometimes the steam was intermittent, but as a extra to the mop, the handheld works ok.

Our Verdict On The Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 Steam Mop S3901

As we’ve alluded to already in the above review, when the Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 sticks to being what it was primarily desgined for – a mop – it’s an excellent little thing.



  • Very Easy To Set Up And Use
  • Mop Is Great On Hard Floors
  • Good Number And Variety Of Tools
  • Excellent Ready To Use Time
  • Power Cord A Touch On The Short Side
  • Handheld Needs A Little More Steam Power

But as is usually the case, the results of the Handheld isn’t usually up to the same standards. But, don’t let that put you off, we think the Shark does just as good and, if not a better job with the handheld side of things than it’s 2 direct competitors mentioned above.

All in all, we’d recommend the Shark S3901 to our mothers if they ever asked. Yes, it could do with a little more steam power as a handheld and when using as a mop, an extra meter or so worth of power cord wouldn’t have gone amiss.

If you’re looking for a decent mop cum handheld steam cleaner, then you can’t get much better than the Shark Lift Away 2 in 1. It is slightly more expensive than the H20 x5 Steam Cleaner and the Vax S7 Total Home Master but Amazon usually have good discount offers and if you can pick a Shark up for one of those lower prices, you won’t be disappointed.

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