Thane Steam Mops

The Thane Steam Mop Range

Thane are a company who produce a number of helpful, handy and quality products to be used in your home from cookware, slow cookers, floor sweepers and, of course, the H20 x5 Steam Mop. We mention this model in the singular because it’s the only entry in the Thane Steam Mop range and, as the […]

H20 x5 Steam Mop

H20 x5 Steam Mop

The H20 x5 Steam Mop is a multi-function steaming mop that will clean, sanitise and freshen your whole home. It’s a 5 in 1 steam mop from Thane in that can be used to clean your hard floors, your carpets, your windows and your garments. Finally, you can remove the cleaning head and the handle […]

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