Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner

The Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner has everything you need wrapped up in one package to give your home an all-round hygienic clean. There is no room in the home it can’t tackle but when it comes to the larger jobs such as the carpets and upholstery, is this Vax Steam Cleaner more than just hot air?

Key Features

  • Eliminates 99% of bacteria and allergens
  • Enviromentally friendly – No solution needed
  • Large bundle of accessories to clean a wide variety of surfaces
  • 40 minutes of steam time – more steaming, less refilling

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Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner Review
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3.5 Star Rating

Ease Of Use

4.5 Star Rating


3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Value For Money

3 Star Rating


Power Output

1600 Watts

Boil Time

12 Minutes

Steam Time

40 Minutes

Tank Capacity

1.6 Litre

Cord Length





Metal brush
Detail nozzle
Small plastic brush
Large plastic brush
Scraper tool
Concentration nozzle
Window tool

Upholstery tool
Floor head
Measuring jug
3 Extension tubes
2 Upholstery cloths
Floor head cloth

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The Vax S6 Review

The Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner is a mid-range model from one of the premier home cleaning manufacturers in the business. Billed as the complete home cleaning package, the Vax S6 certainly delivers on that score with a wide range of accessories and attachments that come supplied.

There are attachments for cleaning carpets, hard floors, windows and kitchen appliances. Indeed, you’ll be hard pressed to find a task that doesn’t come with an appropriate accessory which can all be stored away neatly on board within the handy storage compartment at the back of the Vax S6.

Using the Vax S6 couldn’t be easier. Once unboxed, this relatively lightweight and compact cleaner can be ready for use in next to no time. Simply fill the water tank from the tap, switch on the device and wait for the water to boil. Admittedly, the warm up time of 12 minutes is a little long compared to other models, but there is a 1.6 litre water tank that needs heating so perhaps this is a little understandable.

The payoff for this is that you get a pretty hefty 40 minutes worth of steam time which means that most jobs can be completed before the water dries up and you need to refill. However, there is no indicator telling you when the you’re about to start running on empty which is kind of annoying when the steam suddenly stops.

When it comes to actual steam cleaning, the results we found were a little mixed. When it came to hard surfaces, whether flooring or tiled surfaces, the Vax S6 performed well and lifted the most stubborn grime and grease. Additionally, kitchen appliances were a breeze as were the bath and toilet. It must be noted though that a wet dirty residue is usually left over and needs a quick sweep with a cloth or mop.

However, it’s a different story when it came to softer materials such as carpets and upholstery. When applied to deep stains, the Vax S6 did enough to cause the stain to fade, but not completely and you’ll find that you’ll need a few goes to remove them fully. Likewise, carpets and sofas still seemed a bit lifeless after a clean and didn’t bring them out as much as we hoped or as a true carpet / upholstery cleaner would.

Our Verdict On The Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner

The Vax S6 is an above average steam cleaner that performs some jobs well and others not so well. It’s a compact and functional cleaner with a wide variety of tools and accessories that come supplied.



  • Large water tank gives 40 minutes of steam time
  • Works well on hard surfaces
  • Cleans kitchen appliances easily
  • Good bathroom cleaning
  • Handy storage compartment for accessories
  • 12 minute boil time
  • Struggles with softer surfaces like carpets and upholstery
  • No indicator showing low water levels

For hard surfaces, it’s an excellent little cleaner and will lift the most stubborn of grime but is let down, sometimes due to the accessories mentioned above and sometimes by the cleaner itself, by struggling to clean the softer surfaces well enough.

The large water tank, and the steam time this gives, is welcomed but the 12 minutes it takes for it to boil just gives opportunity to use a little elbow grease on surfaces while you’re waiting, which kind of defeats the purpose. And it’s downright annoying when the steam runs dry mid-job and you have to wait for it to boil again.

In conclusion, there are probably better options available for the price but if you plan to primarily clean hard surfaces and can buy a Vax S6 with a good discount offer that are routinely available, then it’s not a bad little steam cleaner.


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