What Are The Best Hand Held Steam Cleaners?

Unlike their bigger cousins, hand held steam cleaners aren’t designed to do the big cleaning jobs around the home but are aimed more at making the smaller detailed tasks that little bit easier.

While it’s true that some of the larger and general steam mops that are available on the market come with a detachable hand held steamer, sometimes you need something for those little jobs in the home without the expense that comes with a bigger unit.

For instance, when it comes to cleaning the insides of your oven, the hand steam cleaner comes into it’s own when you’re trying to get into all the nooks and crannies buried deep inside. In addition, and for the sake of your oven itself, direct steam shouldn’t be used on the heating element inside and so having something small and precise in where it delivers its steam is just the ticket.

Your Guide To The Best Hand Held Steam Cleaners

If you have decided that a hand held steamer is needed for those detailed cleaning jobs within your home, then you won’t be surprised to hear that there are a wide variety of makes and models available on the market. Below, you will find some of the best and most popular hand held steam cleaners that are available together with our review rating. For more information and details, just click on through.

There are a wide variety of detailed jobs around the home where a hand held steam cleaner comes into it’s own. We’ve already mentioned above how they are ideal for cleaning the grime and grease that accumulates inside your oven. Additionally, they are an excellent tool for whitening the grout between either your floor or wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. Finally, due to their small and lightweight design, you can use one of the many attachments that come with some of the better hand held steam cleaners to give your windows the best clean they’ll have had in a long time.

Advantages of using hand held steam cleaners

  • Super hot steam breaks down and loosens dirt to allow easy cleaning.
  • Steam alone is all that is needed to clean surfaces which means no chemical residues are left behind.
  • Small and compact allowing you to reach those hard to get places that would otherwise go untouched.
  • Lightweight units that won’t tire you out as you clean.
  • Very easy to store out of the way when the jobs are done.
  • All round better performance than detachable hand held steamer found on steam mops.
  • A nice cheaper alternative to the more complete steam cleaners.

When Looking For The Best hand held steamer

As already mentioned, hand held steam cleaners are not designed for the big jobs around the house. If you’re looking for a full clean around the home then you’ll be better off looking at dedicated steam cleaners. However, whether it’s a quick job that needs doing that needs little preparation time or one of the more nitty-gritty jobs mentioned above, then a hand held steam cleaner is what you need.

Due to their size, don’t be expecting an on board water tank to match their bigger cousins. Anything close to 1 liter of water storage is usually sufficient for your needs. With only a small amount of water that needs heating at any one time, you can expect super fast warm up time of the steamer – having to wait a mere 20 seconds before use isn’t unheard of when it comes to hand held steam cleaners. And, surprisingly, many hand held steamers can boast 10, 15 and sometimes even 20 minutes of steam if they have a continuous fill tank.

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