What’s The Best Steam Mop?

The best steam mop will be lightweight and manueovarable as it uses a hot powerful burst of steam to remove grease, grime and ingrained stains as it glides across the floor.

Using a traditional mop and bucket can be back breaking work, certainly when you have old stains that need removing from your hard floors. In addition to the energy that needs to be expended to actually clean the floor, you then have to spend even more time drying the floor as these Ye Olde mops have a tendency to leave behind excess water.

The modern steam mop glides effortlessly across hard floor surfaces dispensing just enough steam to break down the grease and grime and soaking the dirty residue into the cloth towel on the base of the mop. Gone are the pools of water slopped across your floor.

Your Guide To The Best Steam Mop

There are a wide variety of steam mops available on the market. Naturally, some are good, some are bad. Like with most things, however, you tend to get what you pay for. Below, you will find some of the best and most popular steam mops that are available together with our review rating. For more information and details, just click on through.

Advantages of using steam mops

Steam mops are primarily designed to replace the traditional mop and bucket and provide high powered hot steam to clean your hard floor surfaces with. With a pivoting and rotating head, they allow you to access the real hard to get places in your kitchen, bathroom or living room. If you’re not wanting to purchase a full steam cleaner than perhaps a steam mop is better suited.

Additionally, many steam mops provide multi-functionality in that they easily dismantle and can be used as a handheld steam cleaner which widens their practical use throughout the home. However, a mops ability to do this doesn’t automatically promote it into the best steam mop category as sometimes their performance as a handheld leaves a lot to be desired.

Advantages Of Using Steam Mops

  • Super hot steam breaks down and loosens dirt to allow easy cleaning.
  • Steam alone is all that is needed to clean surfaces which means no chemical residues are left behind.
  • The mop head glides, pivots and tilts effortlessly across the floor meaning the mop does the hard work and not you.
  • Lightweight and compact means not only is a steam mop easy to use but also easy to store when the jobs are done.
  • Blindingly quick boil times versus steam cleaners which means you get cleaning, faster.
  • Detachable central unit converts the best steam mop into a handheld steam mop for extra usability.

When Looking For The Best Steam Mop

Unlike a steam cleaner, a steam mop is first and foremost a hard floor cleaning tool and you have to consider the merits of the mop in that context before anything else. If the mop fails in its duties on kitchen or bathroom floors then you’re best avoiding the particular model in question. Fortunately, most steam mop manufacturers recognise this and you’ll struggle to find a mop that isn’t up to standard in this particular area.

Where there is a differences lie are when the steam mop promotes itself as something more than a mop for hard floors. Many steam mops today come with a detachable steam unit that allows the mop to become a handheld steam cleaner, such as the H20 x5 Steam Cleaner from Thane or the Shark Lift Away 2 in 1 and allows you to carry out detail cleaning jobs such as ovens, hobs and windows to name few.

Naturally, hand held steam cleaners are available which specialise in jobs such as these but the steam mop manufacturers seem intent on trying to provide the best all in one cleaner in the form of a mop, rather than just putting a focus on the best steam mop they can make. The performance of these mops cum handheld steamers are where you’ll find the differences between one make / model and the other – some steam mops work very well when converted to a handheld and others, simply, don’t.

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